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The Khodro Savari Leasing Co. was registered with Iran's Office of Registration of Companies on 2001 under permit #81523, and is active as the One private leasing company in Iran. In 2004, it renamed to Parsian Leasing Co.

Before 2004, the scope of work was only new car. After 2004, the member of board decided to increase scope of work such as
- Heavy truck
- Medical equipment
- industrial equipment
- construction, mining and construction
- Vessel Sea
- Building

This decision have been taken in accordance with defined strategies and policies and lead to develop scope of work.

Due to proper infrastructure provisioning, the ability to initiate to new field (such as aircraft leasing, sustainable household equipment, IT equipment) is provided.

The initial capital of the company 1.000.000 IRR has been registered. At the moment the Capital increased to 595,000,000,000 IRR in 2006. The company intends to increase capital to 1,300,000,000,000 IRR at end of the fiscal year. (The registration process is ongoing)

Scope of work

Company scope of work Including as below:
a) Leasing operations including the provision of authorized goods requested by customers of retailers and manufacturers and transfer them via lease or installment sales under the approved leasing regulations and relevant laws.

b) The purchase and sale of securities in order to manage liquidity requirements I.A.W the approved leasing regulations relevant laws.
Note: the company not allowed to purchase any stock of the bank or credit union.

c) To participate in the financing of any company -with or without the participation- that directly or indirectly in the leasing activities is useful and necessary. (I.A.W to the approved leasing regulations relevant laws.)

Strategy and goals

We are pursuing our strategy such as achieve sustained profitability and efficiency through the creation of competitive advantage for business development and activities which are under way to accomplish.

The only way to achieve this goal, raise the level of stockholders satisfaction such as clients, employees, shareholders, and partners.

Due to achieve to our strategy as mentioned above, we are following:
- Develop current activities in different areas of leasing
- Optimization of the combination of investments and allocation of appropriate resources through increasing the 

share of leasing.
- Development of commercial activities in the purchase and leasing vehicles and other capital goods.
- Reduce the reliance on Parsian Bank financing and the use of various sources of financing.
- Perpetual enhancement of our systems to raise the level of satisfaction of our customer.
- Develop and implement promotional strategies to inform the society about the leasing, services and our company activities.
- Development and expansion of agency network and activating the website to accept applications through the Internet to for providing to easy access services.

A prominent characteristic of the company

- Gaining more than 30% of the market share in the leasing industry in recent 5 years because of the reputation and 

operation of the infrastructure.
- Founder member of the Association of Leasing companies in Iran
- Founder member of the Community of Leasing companies in Iran
- The first leasing company of marine vessels in Iran
- High Variability in portfolio among competitors

 Shareholder Number Share Percent share 
Parsian Financial Group  800ر999ر356 60 
Tejarat Electronic Parsian
 000ر000ر238 40 
Parsian Bank 50  -
Tamin System Caspian 50  -
 Toosee Sakhteman Parsian 50
 Parsian brokerage firm 50 
Total 000ر000ر595  100

Shareholder's Parsian Leasing Co.


Sure Name, Name Type of membership  Position   Representing
Mr. Khajeh Haghverdi, Nader
 Non-Obliged Chairman of the Board
Parsian brokerage firm
Mr. Rezvani Far, Mohamad Non-Obliged Vice Chairman of the Board Parsian Bank
Mr. Zarei, Ali  Obliged Managing Director and Member of the Board Tejarat Electronic Parsian
Mr. Shokri, Mohamad Ali Obliged Member of the Board Toosee Sakhteman Parsian
Mr. Salimi, Hossein Non-Obliged Member of the Board
Tamin System Caspian

Financial Auditor

Name Or Institute Name Position Selected Date Closing Date
services and management audit firm's evident Main Financial Auditor 12/04/ 2014 To Present
Mr. Gochin Pour, Mohamad Reza Alternate Financial Auditor 12/04/ 2014 To Present



ParsLeaseWare a complete ERP software system known as the Parsian leasing business

easing ERP processes such as defining the protocol and all these protocols, record customer information, products, contracts, settlement payments, settlement, archiving, CRM and ... is fully defined and customized.

This feature allows the leasing companies to spend less time and without the worries of software leasing to experience a variety of methods.

Designing software  began in 1388 in the IT department.
Phase identification, analysis and design software and database design and implementation phase and testing lasted 24 months.




this software  is a complete ERP  .

it is Including the definition and types of projects, sales, customer records and workflows related to customer records depository commodity and its management during the leasing, contract maintenance records and procedures have been defined, recorded the amount of credit installment contracts


Acounting  &  Cash control

Comprehensive software leasing software leasing is not only one ERP accounting and treasury systems, including 

 six-level accounting systems and a treasury system 

And a very simple and wide treasury system is simple with considerable flexibility, extensive range of business operations (in terms of the variety and volume of treasury operations) support.



Comprehensive software leasing has three output stage (a) first
Simple reports that the source of information of data recorded by the software.
The second, reports that combine data and information recorded by software with user-defined parameters and formulas built.

Third ,using OLAP and Data Warehouse concepts of recorded data, software, information extraction and decision-making based on reports provide.


Software capabilities leasing:


All print formats designed by Users

Software leasing it is possible to look and layout of all output reports information such as contracts, payment booklets, forms of settlement and designed by the user and stored.

The main advantage of this capability, storage and access to designs made for each sale plan (protocol), which is the same for all projects sales restrictions appearing kills.
These lease accounting system


One of the outputs of the system related to financial activities, documents for registration in the accounting system is created


Whatever the stereotyping of these documents are available additional parameters, there is the possibility of defining a more complete document.
Software leasing whatever document is available for the user's parameters 
Should that not be seen as a parameter the user can formulators using this software tool and used to define it.
It also lets you browse one of the important accounting accounts. In this application enables you to browse documents and accounts to small group, detail and levels of accounting.


The following CRM system and send and receive SMS



Comprehensive software leasing a customer relationship management    system based on customer request   customer requests after registration, depending on the type of cartabls are determined, then the owner of the dashboard, while examining, rejected or confirmed . 
The ability to communicate with customers by sending and receiving SMS messages is provided
Software leasing is a subsystem that allows the definition of SMS and SMS to fixed text messages and answer period provides templates defined in the system.



Subsystem archive


All documents received from customers and guarantors under the filling system is stable
Among the advantages of these systems customers high-speed access to information, documents and without recourse to physical file.
In order to prevent abnormal increase in the size of the database subsystem compression methods used


Commercialization ParsLeaseWare
Along with the registration application in the High Council of Informatics logo commercialization ParsLeaseWare were taken the first steps in the way.











زبان مورد نظر را از قسمت زیر انتخاب کنید. بیش از 90 زبان مختلف !!!


زبان مورد نظر را از قسمت زیر انتخاب کنید. بیش از 90 زبان مختلف !!!


زبان مورد نظر را از قسمت زیر انتخاب کنید. بیش از 90 زبان مختلف !!!


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